The Tunisian Accounting and Finance Professors’ Association of North America (TAFPANA) is a non-for-profit academic organization that serves the research and teaching interests of the Tunisian accounting and finance professors and doctoral students in North America, Africa, The Middle East, Europe, Asia, etc. One of TAFPANA’s key missions is to promote high-quality global academic research in accounting and finance that will contribute to the Tunisian business practices. We welcome non-Tunisian accounting and finance researchers with similar interests to join TAFPANA as members and participate in our research activities.

The major initiatives that TAFPANA will undertaken in the incoming years are as follows:

  1.  Host an annual accounting and finance research conference in Tunisia;
  2.  Host a doctoral and junior faculty consortium in Tunisia during the TAFPANA annual meeting;
  3.  Coordinate a one-to-one mentoring session for junior accounting and finance faculty during the TAFPANA annual meeting;
  4. Organize an annual TAFPANA-sponsored research sessions at international accounting and finance associations annual meetings;
  5.  Sponsor a member networking reception at international accounting and finance association annual meetings.