Keynote Speakers

Avanidhar (Subra)Subrahmanyam

Professor of Finance; Goldyne and Irwin Hearsh Chair in Money and Banking


Dr. Subrahmanyam is an expert in behavioral finance and economics, who is known for his path-breaking research in the use of psychological principles to explain stock price movements.   He has used his behavioral expertise to explain spikes in gasoline prices and he has studied the effect of war on the stock market.

Dr. Subrahmanyam’s current research interests range from the relationship between the trading environment of a firm’s stock and the firm’s cost of capital, to behavioral theories for asset price behavior and empirical determinants of the cross-section of equity returns.

Co-editor of the Journal of Financial Markets, Dr. Subrahmanyam is the author or co-author of numerous refereed journal articles in leading finance and economics journals.  He previously served as associate editor of Review of Financial Studies.  He is a member of the Working Research Group on Market Microstructure, recently established by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

For his scholarly efforts, he has received best paper awards at the Western Finance Association meetings and the International Conference of Finance in Taiwan and was honored with the Fama-DFA prize for the best paper in investments published in the Journal of Financial Economics (2000) and the Smith Breeden Prize for the best paper published in the Journal of Finance (1999).

Dr. Subrahmanyam has served as a consultant to the Nasdaq Stock Market, the National Stock Exchange in Mumbai (Bombay, India), San Jose Mercury News, and Irwin/McGraw-Hill.

Bharat Sarath

Bharat Sarath

Professor at Rutgers Business School

Editor in Chief at Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance

Dr. Sarath graduated with honors in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, England. He subsequently received a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and a PhD in Accounting from Stanford University. Dr. Sarath’s PhD thesis in accountancy dealt with theoretical models of auditor malpractice and the role of insurance in affecting litigation patterns. He has published widely in Economics, Accounting, Mathematics and Physics journals and is currently on the editorial board of two leading accounting journals.

Dr. Sarath is currently vice-chair of the Accounting and Information Systems Department at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. He teaches accounting at all levels (Undergraduate, Masters and PhD) at Rutgers and has conducted executive education classes in accounting at many leading financial firms including Citibank and Credit Suisse and managerial accounting at the United Nations. Dr. Sarath has experience both as a management consultant and in litigation support. He has provided consulting advice to several large organizations including the United Nations, The New York Board of Education and Horizon Blue Cross of New Jersey. Dr. Sarath has travelled widely and speaks several Indian languages as well as Russian and Farsi.